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Alena Fedina
March 31, 2023
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I want to present you my new project, done in black and white, with a simple pencil on paper.
The project is dedicated to women's beauty.
Women have always been the main inspiration and motivator for men and the main engine of civilization.
I believe that still the energy that a woman provides cannot simply be taken and obtained elsewhere or reproduced artificially.
A project without color, to focus on the essence, the feminine beauty that I decided to portray.

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This project was born as a logical development of my personality.

Let's start at the beginning. I was raised as a boy. Courageous, strong, responsible. I wore jeans, never wore makeup, and was smart and cocky on the outside. But very weak on the inside.
I could not classify myself as a boy, because I had a mirror, and I could not classify myself as a girl either, because I saw a huge difference between myself and the really charming girls.
And so after 20, I started exploring myself as a person, as a person, looking for what I fit and like in life. And I found that there was a part of me that was dying. My feminine part.

One day while reading a book, I read the question "name 20 reasons why it's good to be a girl?" and I wondered. And then my heart squeezed and I cried. Because I didn't know the answer to that question. And practically none of my feminine qualities were being used.

That was the day I began to study myself as a woman.
It turned out that my feminine part, it is one of the main parts of my life that firstly belongs to me, secondly I can lean on it and feel confident and thirdly, everything I learned about myself suited me very well as a person.
It was a difficult and long road. Because an important step was to learn, accept and love the woman in me. and feminine qualities. Learning what makeup, beautiful clothes, learning how to cook, relaxing, trusting, and accepting. To learn to live, at least in part, in a woman's body and at the same time not to lose myself.

Since then, I've admired women a lot, and I've realized that nothing caresses the eye like a woman's features. Soft, graceful, delicate, neat.
No one is more soothing than the soft feminine energy that envelops, accepts, and cares.
I began to respect and understand the enormous contribution that women make to this world.
And I realized that I myself admire women. Their gentleness, kindness, charm, naivety, playfulness...

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I used paper and simple pencils. I drew parts of the body, in order to strengthen the attention that even individual details evoke strong emotions. I also did not draw the naked body, only covered to show that in order to admire the female body, it is possible not even to undress it.

I received positive reactions to the project from both men and women. I also got a reaction that the project is very deep and sincere.

Alena Fedina

Hi, I`m an interior designer and artist. Working with residential and commercial interiors. And design projects for furniture magazines.
I work in the following styles:

- Minimalism + (Loft, NEO, Japanese, American)
- Japandi
- Wabi-Sabi
- Rustic

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