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मोर | Mor | Nature Inspired Form

मोर | Mor | Nature Inspired Form

Shaunak Patel
March 26, 2017
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It is different cultures and religions in India that brings us close to the deep-rooted customs and rituals. Devotion and faith is synonymous of practicing lighting of incense sticks since time immemorial. The very use of incense sticks insinuates my room with immense positive energy. Mor is an incense stick holder inspired from Peacock. It's sustainable and designed with the aim of good design that reaches the masses.

Spotting a Peacock in Uvarsad (a village in India where I live and study) is a very common sight. Peacock being the national bird also has significance in major Indian religions. Incense sticks are one of the many things that I use often to keep my studio and room fresh. I was just sipping tea that one morning when I was inspired to derive a connection between the natural form of a peacock and incense sticks. I wanted the product to be cheap so that most people can afford it, I also wanted it to be made easily by very basic tools so that it increases and encourages cottage industries. The form is so simple that anyone can replicate it by merely seeing a picture of it, hence increasing the chances of it to reach more and more number of people. At this stage of my career, I don't really expect to make money out of my work. I want it to reach more and more people, importantly the ones who can't afford to buy beautifully designed products.

Initially, I sketched a peacock few times. Then is simplified its form by making line drawings and then I went for paper folding which has been my hobby for 7 years now. When i wanted curvy forms, I shifted to folding and bending aluminium sheets to try further. Once after the form was finalized, I decided to make 10 of these and distribute them to random people outside ISKCON temple, Ahmedabad. I did the CAD modelling using Rhinoceros and then exported it to Cinema4D to apply material and textures and then rendered it.

People whom I distributed the design were all from non design education background. They mainly loved it for the function that the form does. The long tail part serves to collect the ashes of the incense sticks enabling easy and clean disposal. They also appreciated the simplicity of the product and its approximate price which was just INR ₹20 which is USD 30¢.

Shaunak Patel

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