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Christophe Delarsille
October 18, 2018
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I love The Landes. I love Hossegor. This magical place inspire me every day. The light is always amazing. But where I live, I have a 990 km-long route. It takes all day to go there but I'm trying to go at least once a year.

I am not about to show what I see but I try to capture the ‘feel’ of this place. My photographs represent instances of life unfolding in this environment.
My style is sober and modern. A simple and uncluttered composition.
I love the morning fog, low lights, the diversity of skies and clouds.

When I'm packing minimal and just taking one camera and one lens, it's often a Canon 50mm f/1.2. My favourite !! I take several pictures, select them on the device and next to Lightroom. The process in Lightroom is quite basic: add contrast and sharpness. In same cases it is useful to adjust the lightness at the same time.

People are very enthusiast about my pictures and follow me on Instagram (@chde_eu), Facebook (CHDESurfPhotography) or Flickr (chde). We exchange a few words and I love it. I find a lot of my pictures on Pinterest and it's pretty cool ; )

Thank you for your interest on my projects.
Get out and look around. The World is amazing.

Christophe Delarsille

Christophe Delarsille is a Brussels based (Belgium) Art Director sharing his time between home and the beaches of The Landes (France). He is also Photgrapher specialized in Surf Photography using all natural lighting. He’s always trying new things. You may have seen his pictures on Instagram @chde_eu

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