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Meng L
September 7, 2019
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This starts with an email from Dannica, who says he likes it. This is why I uploaded my work here. "可愛い" is actually a Chinese character, but it is also Japanese.It means "cute". If you have seen my previous work, you should know that this is the face of Du Meixin in the painting "Red arowana". Considering the lovely culture of Japanese loli, this "head change" is not meaningless.
I dressed her up again, her hair shining, brushing mascara, and innocent and exaggerated big eyes. However, on the whole, I still create a sense of discomfort in a dark atmosphere, like those twisted things, the dense spots on the surface (I painted for a long time), causing an illusion that they seem to be creeping.(Obviously I really like the work of Yayoi Kusama.)

There are two reasons for this. The first reason is because my friend asked a question, "Why do you want to draw a lot of repetitive things? Is it because it is easy to modify the editing on the layer?" I replied " What? That is the truth of art. The second reason is that recently, both domestic and foreign countries have published news about the cases of sexual abuse of underage girls by rich and powerful people. It's shocking to hear that... The original conspiracy theories that were heard before are true, there are certain organizations under the glitz, Cults, many girls, boys are sexually abused, I don't know how many are not found, waiting to be rescued. By the way, the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" is the last step of Stanley Kubrick, and it's easy to associate with recent scandals.
The work is black and white and cool. I really like the mottled feel of the spray gun particles. Broken, weird, uncertain, and dissolve some meanings that I think are unnecessary. Because of this, my style is also so contrasting that people mistakenly think that these paintings are not from the same person. Through continuous experimentation in thinking, art tells the world that certain ways of thinking are feasible. Often people will be curious to ask: "What are you painting? What do you want to express?" In fact, this is more difficult for me than creation, because sometimes I don't know what I want to express. My words can't catch up with my paintings, just like dreams. I can only go back to memories, find clues, and see what news, movies I have watched. You need to read books to think about catching up with art. Otherwise, it is just a few color blocks, a urinal, a bunch of TV sets. If you are inspired by it, then it is worth paying, like asking me to write such in-depth analysis of content... Fuck you, I am a Chinese who does not understand English. Why do you torture me like this?

I used photoshop's default gun particle brush to create. Will, normally. In the beginning, I would like to filter great ideas from the drafts of graffiti on paper. Most of the time, my creative style is not stable. Maybe I will start from an ugly and rough detail and expand to the surrounding. The elements in the image are gradually enriched. You know... the random music played in the headphones is not random, it is the program algorithm of big data. "When I was painting, I felt that there was some mysterious power to hold my hand. It was guiding me how to paint." - That is bullshit, it depends entirely on my experience after daily accumulation and sublimation, I think It's very simple, not because of what. But I can draw, naturally exposed.

People like this piece very much, at least Dannica likes it. I think this work gives me a lot of new ideas to achieve.Let me have the motivation to continue to create more related works.I didn't learn anything through this project. I just once again painted a "suicide painting" that was of no commercial value and could not sustain the creation.Deepened my despair and pain in the world.If you ask me to re-enter because the number of words is not enough, I will kill myself.

I am often mistaken for being a Japanese, which makes me very embarrassed. Because even if their new year does not use ancient Chinese classics, it is still Chinese characters. It is very interesting.Although I am not upset, I dear friends, I have a piece of advice. You know, many Chinese people hate Japan, just as the Jews hate the German Nazis.

meng L

Hey, I am Meng. I am an unemployed young man from Sichuan, China. If you don't know where Sichuan is, I can tell you that it is the hometown of Kung Fu Panda. But now I live in Shanghai.
My field is digital art, illustration. I have almost no design work experience in the digital field in China. Because of God's teasing, I worked for a game company in Shanghai for a year, which led me to suffer from PTSD.Of course, there has not been any cooperation with outstanding people in the industry. All my paintings are purely for self-expression.Due to long-standing loneliness and being deceived by others, I have struggled to integrate into normal human socialization. I am eager to communicate with people, you can find almost any other social software at If you like my work, you can contact me and my price is reasonable. Job email:923699[email protected] [email protected]

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