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0mm Photographic Hours

0mm Photographic Hours

Marianne Piano
January 13, 2016
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The second issue of FTN (0mm Photographic Hours) is into photography. It has been structured into four sections in selected prominent photographers. Each of selected artists has represented their individual perspective of the cultural identity of a city and it has construed as another relationship between their aesthetic implications and the city connection. Capturing the moment of a city, a life of living, documenting or documented by exposure moment. Through the second issue of FTN, they aim to provide a transparent space, without the distance of observation of the readers into the ‘Hours'. Read on and enjoy!



It took me 5 weeks (total) to complete the project. 3 weeks for (research, information collection) and 2 weeks for (editorial design, printing).

- Kristine Kawakubo



In the second issue of FTN, I would like to provide another reflective perspectives about photography. To build a debatable discussion of what’s the meaning of photography. By revealing the relationship between people (photographer, models, subjects/objects), cities (medium) and photograph (objects/subjects). There always exist an exchangeable position in between and with each of them and it’s always a way to rediscover the definition of photography. The form of this issue was based on the concept (discovery, redefinition). To emphasize this concept, the form was presenting anti-aesthetics. However, it is a paradox that actually is anesthetic in itself. And it has unexpectedly correspond with the concept of this issue.

- Kristine Kawakubo





For the materials or software, I have used Photoshop and Indesign.

- Kristine Kawakubo



‘Visual communication is a paradox; that this actually is an aesthetic in itself.’

- Kristine Kawakubo


Kristine Kawakubo is an independent visual designer. She has an insatiable passion and a fondness for editorial design, typography, printing, colours and paper structure. She works on commissioned and self-initiated projects in all stages of printed matter such as editorial design, book art, brand development, visual identity design, corporate communication and art direction from concept to production.

She believes good design comes from unlimited questioning, challenging convention and creating innovative methods to solve visual tasks in unique ways. She is especially interested in concept-based projects and testing interdisciplinary methodologies into visual grammar. Mainly focus on experimental form of the printing method from low-tech to digital and conceptual editorial book art design. See more of her artworks in Behance and her website.

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