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10 Things Not To Say To A Graphic Designer by Shruti Gupta

10 Things Not To Say To A Graphic Designer by Shruti Gupta

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September 25, 2015

Are you a graphic designer? Then you must have heard of this from a client or a boss. Shruti Gupta's 10 Things Not To Say To A Graphic Designer will make you laugh, scratch your head and take you back to that moment in your life where you heard these statements. So, what are these statements that we must avoid saying to a graphic designer? Let's find out!

Shruti Gupta

Shruti Gupta

Shruti Gupta

If you’re a graphic designer, one of the hardest things to do is trying to accede to your client’s vague, obscure and sometimes ridiculous requests that do not clearly state what they want.
I do understand that clients never want to do harm and speak openly because they want the final design to fit their needs as much as possible, but some of the comments still make us laugh out loud.
-Shruti Gupta




As a graphic designer – whether you work for a design agency or you're on your own as a freelancer – you're bound to come into contact with some pretty frustrating clients. Whilst there's no easy way to escape, you can use their ridiculous requests for your own inspiration. My inspiration behind this project was my clients who used to say these crazy things to me. So I thought why not to give it a creative way to share it with everyone. And I feel so happy that I was successful in conveying my message.
-Shruti Gupta



I've a mixture of almost everything, I’ve got one foot in the world of digital media one in UI/UX, and a love for both.” I always wanted to do something creative, so here I’m still learning and creating something creative every day. My inspiration are: Akshar Pathak, Nitin Rao Kumblekar, Vaibhav More and Nupur Bhargava. All you have to do is experiment a lot. Never stop learning new skills. Play a lot with fonts and keep your Photoshop layers named. And most important never work for free. You are a Paidlancer not Freelancer. Love your work. Dream big | Work hard.
-Shruti Gupta



Which of these sayings do you hear a lot and what's your reaction about it?
Um..... its a difficult one :p But saying which I heard a lot is " Use the logo it's on my facebook". When my client says this, I'm left with no reactions.... I'm like okkkk let me check and I've to use it anyhow. Because in the end what matters is a happy client with of course quality work with a low-resolution logo :P
-Shruti Gupta

About Shruti Gupta

Shruti is a Graphic Designer based in Chandigarh. She was born and brought up in Shimla, India and studied animation & design from Arena Animation Shimla. Specializing in Digital Marketing Collaterals, User Interface Design, info graphics and Graphic Designs. She builds clean, appealing, and functional interfaces which comply with the latest web standards. She has been working in the industry for last 3 years. As a professional graphic and web designer, she brings a range of art and design disciplines to every project she works on. See more of her projects on Behance.

6 comments on “10 Things Not To Say To A Graphic Designer by Shruti Gupta”

  1. Shruti! :D
    A GREAT read! :) :)
    PS: May b you wont remember me, but we did share a tom-n-jerry friendship for a while :P

  2. Very funny and also a great idea! I'm not a graphic designer, but if I were I could see this being perfect for the walls of my office or somewhere in my home. Love it.

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