100 Days Of UI by Duminda Perera

This is a challenge that Duminda Perera set for myself to generate new ideas and to improve some UI skills. The idea came by Clark Dinniso’s dailyui.co “be come a better designer in 100 days with daily challenges to improve your skills”. He loved the fact that he created the website and sending us task on a daily basis and that made him wanna start the challenge.

Before start the design I used to Dribbble it and see what has other designers come up with, I wanted to design always something different to the others. I went with DailyUI because I felt that other design related works isn’t that a challenge, and I needed something that would make me commit creatively every day.
-Duminda Perera

What makes my design stand out is that it’s unique and effective. Many inspirations I’m getting from Behance and Dribbble communities, I believe “Tobias Van Schneider” my favorite designer at the moment 😉
-Duminda Perera

The advice I can give is to start the DailyUI Challenge now!!!!!
-Duminda Perera

About Duminda Perera

Duminda Perera is a Sri Lankan who lives and work as Creative Director in Milan Italy. He has a traditional graphic design background. His area of expertise lies primarily in Art Direction, UI/UX, Branding, Digital Art, Photography and User likenesses on the World Wide Web. From the inception of his career, it was evident that he wanted to be involved in the creative field. He has always been amazed at how design, motion and our feelings blend to create masterpieces of artistic, aesthetic and functional brilliance. It is the desire that made him want to become a graphic artist. As a dynamic worker, he’s able to work under pressure, interact and befriend clients and build customer relationships. Adhere to tight deadlines and perform multiple tasks. Duminda believes that design and creativity is only bound by our imagination. And he will pursue and venture on to find new methods and technologies to create better user experiences that create results for his clientele. See more of his works on Behance or his website.