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100 m² Apartment, Thessaloniki

100 m² Apartment, Thessaloniki

Fotis Kaza
October 1, 2018

This project was made for real estate marketing purposes of an existing apartment and poses as an example of how an interior space can be transformed to serve as a luxurious temple of pure relaxation. The whole plan was processed in a minimal and contemporary style providing great comfort in every room.

It was a real estate commisioned work where I had to create the interior design based on existing architecture. It was a great challenge in order to transform a boring space into a livable luxurious environment. Most of the interiors are made of mirrors in order to double the space and the lighting.

The tools I used were 3ds max 2017 to create the walls and furnitures, corona renderer 2 for rendering and a bit of photoshop for texture making and image processing. The main idea was to create a glamorous and contemporary planning.

It was a success project and the audience was very happy with the visualisations. What you learn is that whatever the space may be small or big you can transform it and create a relaxing paradise. They key elements here are the mirrors that enhance the lighting, double the size of the place and operate as a beauty factor through both perception and reflection.

I think the most crucial part of 3d visualisation is lighting, so train yourself to creating realistic interior lighting and not overdoit with increased exposure.

Fotis Kazantzidis

Interior designer and 3d artist currently working for large furniture brands and architectural studios in Greece. My line is minimal and contemporary.

4 comments on “100 m² Apartment, Thessaloniki”

  1. your work is amazing ! love the colour palette and layout . if you dont mind me asking which program do you use for rendering?

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