Our featured artist was commissioned to illustrate the cover of Focus Magazine. Focusing on the Top 1000 Companies to work for in Germany. He used 3D assets to complete this project. Enjoy reading!

The project I was tasked with was to illustrate the cover of Focus magazine which is a German based news magazine. This particular issue was a special feature focusing on the top 1000 companies to work for in Germany.

– Ben Fearnley


With this in mind the idea for the cover illustration was to have a large 1000 as the main focal point and then have representations of some of the companies around it who had made it into the top 10.

– Ben Fearnley


This included illustrating some of the company logos or the company products such as trainers for Adidas or a car for Porsche etc. The whole illustration was created in CGI using the software Cinema 4D, this means there was a lot of flexibility with the artwork everything had been modelled in a 3D environment so everything in the scene could easily be moved around and put in the desired place.

– Ben Fearnley


I wanted the main typography to feel as though it was integrated into the image so I created a large office like building and illustrated these numbers sitting on top of it. Other details were then added such as people, trees and buildings to give to give the sense that it’s a mini working, living place.

– Ben Fearnley


It was then all textured in CGI using realistic materials such as gold, silver and bronze with a clean white background to make it stand out. The reason being that the overall look needed to feel prestigious and that these selected companies were made to feel special.

– Ben Fearnley


The final process was to light the scene, mimicking the way a real life photography studio would be set up, and to render out the final image.

– Ben Fearnley


Ben Fearnley, a professional designer specializing in CGI illustration, digital art and typography currently based in Manchester, UK working on a wide range of projects for global clients.

You can check his artworks on Behance and his Website