Blending Shapes by Thibaud Allie

Have you ever got that light bulb moment while taking a shower? Well, the concept of our feature for today was conceived while the artist was taking a shower, inspired by a shower flower; colorful shower sponge. Let’s check out his amazing double exposure project! Read on and enjoy!

This project was an exercise for school on the technique of double exposure. But being a subject that has been seen and seen again and again, for most cases, a mix between landscape and portrait, I wanted to give it some personality to this exercise. So I sought inspiration everywhere and while taking a shower she came! More precisely using my “shower flower” (I don ‘t know if you call it like that in English) but actually, it made me think of a form created with the blend mode of Illustrator and I am trying to combine a set of shapes created with photos.

– Thibaud Allie



The principle is simple, just create shape with the blend mode to import it in Photoshop, I often use the filter (wave) to give a different look to my form in order to mix best with my photo, and sometimes the liquify tool helps to work out the details, then I use the gradient map to give the colors, sometimes several different layer color mixing.

– Thibaud Allie




I actually forget an essential step, the sketch, I always make one before I begin the composition, that give a really good way to follow for a work like this one, using abstracts shapes. I spent about 2-3 hours by artwork, depending if the combination work easily or no.

– Thibaud Allie





Thibaud Allie is a student from Nice, Southeastern France. A multidisciplinary designer. A UI/UX Designer based in France, creating digital experiences for clients and personal experimental artwork and Illustrator. He gets his inspiration from his surroundings. He is currently working freelance in addition to school, making logos and websites. See more of his amazing artworks in Behance and his website.