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Early Morning by Tiina Törmänen

Early Morning by Tiina Törmänen

Marianne Piano
November 28, 2015
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Today we will feature the misty landscapes of Lapland, Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region. A region known for its vast wilderness, ski resorts and natural phenomena including 24-hour summer daylight, and the Northern Lights. Check out this amazing personal project from our featured multi-awarded artist. Enjoy!

It's my personal project about the beauty of the misty forest landscapes.

- Tiina Törmänen


Last summer was one of the coldest summer almost for 50 years here in Lapland. There was only few days when temperature went over +20C. Summer was cold and very rainy. But in the other hand it was one of the most misty summer I have ever seen. There was massive mist waves from sunset to sunrise almost every night if there was no wind. I was staying 1,5 months at Southern Lapland area and I was shooting almost every night when there was an epic mist conditions. I drive around forest roads up to 150 km at one night, took some hikes to national parks and went to see conservation areas. I wanted to shot misty night as good as possible from various point of views.

- Tiina Törmänen


I came up with the idea after shooting one and half months misty summer nights. I had quite lot of material and started to organize photos and make series from material I had. Actually in the end there was material for 3 different misty series, early morning is one of the 3. I don't usually plan my work really, I just enjoy the nature and shoot what inspires most at the moment. I really like capturing mood and some magic in my photos, I think that is the only thing what I follow what ever i'm shooting.

- Tiina Törmänen


I use Canon 5dmk3 and for this series I used old Nikon manual zoom from late 80's Nikon 80-200mm f4 AI-s and Tamron SP 300mm f 2.8 manual tele lens from 90's. Even I have some canon L series lenses I love that old nikon and I use it a lot. I was even thinking to buy another one from ebay just in case if something happens to it. I use Lightroom and Photoshop. I'm very lazy at photoshopping and I rather take a good photo in first place than sit at computer afterwards. In Photoshop I use mostly TK-action panel luminosity masking.

- Tiina Törmänen


I think most important is to shoot what ever subject inspires you most, that is how you progress. It's nice to see other peoples work and look for some inspiration but in the end try to figure out your own thing rather than trying to copy too much what is out there. Read, learn techniques from tutorials and other sources. And it's also good check out different styles of photography. I like a lot documentary ,street and experimental art photography even I'm currently shooting mostly landscapes.

- Tiina Törmänen



Tiina Törmänen is a multi-awarded Finnish landscape photographer. She has built a reputation in the photography industry - one that is not afraid to brave through cold and harsh weather to get a perfect shot and turn a landscape into a beautiful artwork. Follow her on Instagram and see more of her amazing artworks in Behance and her website.

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