Sodigital by Adam Bałazy

Sodigital is a web design project for a game development agency. Adam Bałazy cooperation with Sodigital began with another successful project, a game based social website. The main objective of this project was to create a design, consistent with the brand identity. The project itself had to be simple, legible, modern and friendly to mobile devices. Read on and enjoy!

The main idea was based on colored squares (pixels) from the client’s previous logo. On its basis, I created a 6-column square grid system. The Grid system is very simple, therefore I had to brush it up without over complicating it to the front-end developer who coded the project. The objective was achieved by using 2 different size of squares and their systematic arrangement, not noticeable at the first glance.

– Adam Bałazy


At the beginning the main inspiration were the old and new computer games, and squares (pixels) form the clients logo on which digital image is built on. When i was in the middle of designing process I had thought about the first video games which I have played when i was a child. This reminded me the first rpg games which were simply text games with no graphics in it. The incentive to play was flashing sign “_”. Hence the idea of refreshing animated logo, change typography, and make it animated. I try to make my designs as simple as it is possible. I am currently working mainly on an images, text and simple shapes without any unnecessary elements. I believe that nowadays the frontend-developers have a large role to play in the final result.

– Adam Bałazy


About Adam Balazy

Adam Balazy is a UX / UI designer, web designer and a web developer, all in one. He graduated from high school, majoring in computer science, with a specialization in computer graphics. Most of the things he learned by himself was still prior to University studies. After high school, he gained his experience in various advertising agencies for 5 years, when he worked for both smaller and bigger clients. Then, he decided to go on as a full time freelancer. It has been two years since this became his main source of income. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.