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2015 Illustrations by Ana Varela

2015 Illustrations by Ana Varela

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September 8, 2015

2015 Illustration is a project that Ana started some months ago. I had just finished working on a text book, and she felt like doing something different from what she has been doing for the past three months. She felt like doing something less cartoony and so she started doing some pencil drawings about figure drawing and poses.




I usually start out with pencil first. I develop the characters into simple pencil drawings on paper to get comfortable with the shapes and composition. After that I start working on the computer, and then I add many layers and color. I was interested in experimenting : looking for a more fluid movement and dynamic poses, mixing flat colors, lines, lighting and textures, to get a fresh result. I think it is always easier and more fun to do stuff when you have not any influence and you can give it your personal stamp.
-Ana Varela




My inspiration for this project... I used some photo references, mixed with different people that I see on the street. When I have some time to devote on personal work , I really enjoy doing series of illustrations or sketches with a common issue , inspired by a movie, book, or by any person I see on the street, and seeing the evolution of the characters over time. An inspiration can be a dress of a woman in the bus stop or the fancy outfit of a teenager. It is not necessarily something from art or illustration.
-Ana Varela

ana varela

ana varela

ana varela

I think that I do not have a very defined style at the moment. I try to experiment with different styles and techniques, looking for my own, and some of my projects are very very different from each other. If I would define my style, I suppose I would say that my style is a mix of a bunch of different artists. I like many kinds of illustration, and my influences change over time.

I like some artists for their ideas and some for their techniques, although I am most interested in artists who have strong drawing skills, like animation artists. Here are a few artists that I love: Alexander Wilson, Marie Thorhauge, Leonard Peng, Enrique Fernández, Denis Zilber, Mingjue Helen Chen, Philip Giordano and Amélie Fléchais. I also find inspiration in my art books, websites, films, friends,...
-Ana Varela



Develop the work you like and enjoy doing. Try new things to expand your skills, and always challenge yourself to improve, joining courses and entering competitions. Work hard in your sketchbook and then promote yourself to become visible in the illustration community.
-Ana Varela

About Ana Varela

Ana Varela was born in A Coruña, Spain (1987), where she currently works as a freelance illustrator. She graduated in Fine Arts and did a University Master’s Degree in Teacher Training. Ana love children´s books, Character Design, Concept Art, and would love to learn animation techniques to give life to the characters. See more of her work on Behance or her blog.

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