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2019 Annual Fall Concert - Mailer

2019 Annual Fall Concert - Mailer

Renee Mora
March 13, 2020
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Mailer advertisement for a concert event at the Palm Beach State College. The main focus for the event was its special guest Dr. Lonnie Smith so I made him the main focus for my design. I used vibrant colors and a strong composition to capture the reader's eyes.

My main inspiration was vintage jazz posters. I just simply loved their use of flat colors and simple shapes to communicate excitement. The energy they give stands out from the competition. With the help of colorhunt, I researched some color schemes and went with a blend of orange for highlights and purple for the background.

I first researched Dr. Lonnie Smith since he was the main focus. I used one of his famous photos and imaged traced it to use it as a foundation in Adobe Illustrator. It took a lot of time and effort to get the illustration just right, mainly with the face. In one of the first versions, it just wasn't looking right. Once I was finished with the colors and background I moved the artwork to Adobe InDesign. From there on it was applying the verbiage and making sure it flowed well with the illustrations. I didn't want to include any illustrations in the back so the reader has an easy time getting the information they need.

People loved the color and flow of it all. It was a pleasant design to look at. With this project I learned the use of simple shapes to help with the flow and structure of the artwork. It was also only the third time I've used InDesign so I've learned some things about that program.

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I have more projects on the way like a brochure and a storybook.
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Renee Mora

I am a Hispanic graphic designer currently studying at Palm Beach State College. I focus on simple but thematic illustrations. From posters to brochures, I try to elevate my work from just a piece of marketing material to something imaginative. My passion for art is to create worlds and themes around my work that can be appreciated by adults and children alike.

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