25 King West

25 King West is a great project located in Downtown Toronto, Ontario. 25 King West is a historic building with 1930’s Art Deco architecture. Located in the downtown core, it was made famous as Commerce Court’s North Tower, 25 King West is an iconic destination for people looking to lease in the Financial District. This project was a collective team effort at 52 Pick-up Inc. I was responsible for the visual design of the website and the overall look of the emails.

The colours were pulled from actual colours found in the building such as the browns and golds found in the architecture details. The green colour in the website was taken from the slight shade of green found in the stunning ceiling. The style of the website is meant to look modern with a historic feel, mimicking the building itself.

The project started off with wireframes in the form of drawings.
I then took the wireframes and brought them to life using Adobe Photoshop. Our photographer had taken a lot of images which were then sifted through to find the perfect ones to speak for this project, especially since it is a simple landing page, so it had to say everything important in order to be user friendly and get to the point.

Once the website had gone live I had to create an autoresponder email for the users who had registered to the product.

Team members who designed the brand loved the turn out but most importantly the client was very pleased with the outcome. This project taught me to be patient and to connect the building to the brand, to make users feel warm and want to be there.

Jessica Dias

Hi! My name is Jessica, an experienced and skilled website & digital designer with a passion for creating user friendly interfaces as well as emails and ad banners.