3 Lions Productions

3 Lions Productions is music and video production studio located in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica dedicated to the highest possible standards in music and video recording. It is owned and managed by 3 members of a highly respectful Jamaican family known as the LIONS, a father, son and daughter.

The entire concept for this project was to create a brand that reflects the Jamaican culture with a Rasta colorful style. I also created a colourful illustrated shape pattern, which brings out the definition of how they see and translate sound and colour. The logo design is incorporated with 3 lion heads, which represent the 3 members of this family.

Logo and packaging die lines were created in Adobe Illustration, and for the digital mockup i used Adobe Photoshop to present the look of the finishing product to the client. The beginning of the production was little complicated bring the 3 lions head in the shape of a number 3, but with he help of Adobe Illustration it became a possible task.

Some admired and love the use of colours, while some described it to be a wonderful and powerful way of giving an extra light to a company. I did learnt about this project that even with talent you have to also believe in your self to make things possible the way you want them to be.

Broklin Onjei