These are a series of illustrated numbers created for the 36 days of type challenge.
They followed the A-Z alphabet that you can view on my behance @lenalaballena
I must say I had a lot of fun with the numbers. This is one of my favourite projects of all time.
I loved that I could be completely myself and play around with the concepts.

Since this projects was part of the 36 Days of Type challenge, I had to illustrate the letter or number on the corresponding day.
Every number was done on the same day it was uploaded. The ideas came each day, spontaneously.
Either way I didn’t have a choice, I had to make a different one each day without excuse, sometimes during work, sometimes during sleep hours šŸ™‚

I created a sketch by hand first, because for me, the idea is the most important step to creating a good illustration, then scanned the sketch and drew everything again in illustrator. The intense rhythm of illustrating one letter each day was an awesome “pencil sharpener”, by the time I got to the numbers I was already creating new concepts without an issue.

Mostly I learned about myself, in this challenge I was discovering myself as an illustrator. Most of the time I worked on advertising, design and if I needed to do illustrations, I would do it for a client. This time was one of the first times I could explore myself as an illustrator. And I loved it.

Lena Vargas Afanasieva

Hello! My name is Lena. I’m a freelance designer and I focus mainly on projects oriented towards illustration. Nature, dreams and stars are my current inspiration and drive.