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36 Days of Typo 2017

36 Days of Typo 2017

Artur Tenczynski
February 12, 2018
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This project consists of letters and numbers designed for last year's 36 Days of Type. This annual initiative was a great opportunity to push myself to create consistent alphabet. It was a great challenge and fun to take part in it.

Not like with commercial projects I had all the freedom to experiment and freely express myself. My goal was to translate 3D forms into flat vector graphics. I wanted to experiment with constructing each letter and turn them into dynamic and sculpture like forms. Using raster pattern combined with only few contrasting colours gave it nice pop-arty feeling.

I've created this project using Adobe Illustrator. To achieve 3D shapes I've used basic Illustrator 3D Extrude and Bevel effect. Then each 3d object had to be changed into simple paths with Expand Appearance option. After that it was easy to play around with outlines, colours and pattern.

It was so nice to see how many people enjoyed and appreciated this project. It was way beyond my wildest dreams that it is so much liked. Making this project was a good exercise. It allowed me to gain new clients like for e.g. Google for whom I've created special 3D neon alphabet for their new phone Pixel 2.

Artur Tenczynski

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