365 Days of Beauty

As we get used to our environment, we tend to ignore it and forget the beauty of our surroundings. We get easily bored and frustrated in this extra connected world. The beauty of landscape is appealing at our eyes but it can also talk to our inner self. When i go out to take pictures, it’s like an urge, a need for me. I feel good in nature, alone with my camera, feeling the energy of mother earth. Having read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, it blew my mind and got me somehow more connected to myself and the environnment, as if the landscape would turn into mindscape, reflecting my inner feelings, my inner thoughts, reacting to my desires. When i go out, i don’t really know where i am going to shoot or what i am going to shoot but it just feel as if i were guided to this very place at that very moment to wait and trigger my camera to capture that bliss moment, that light, that scenery, these moments of beauty.

One morning after a desperate heavy night, feeling low, a voice urged me to put on my shoes and go out, run to a place i know from my youth and made me see the beauty of the nature; told me to stop longing for happiness, to find it in me, to go to what is important, to live in the present with no fear, just aware of each seconds as if it were the last one, to feel part of the univers, to live and breathe naturally.

I don’t have a vision of my style, i just shoot and edit what i like, the way i like it depending on the picture, on my feeling and what i want to convey. I love many painters from Monet, to David Hockney, photographers of all genres, i love literature wether romantic, surrealist or from the Beat generation. So i guess all of this is combining together to allow me to express myself. I am constantly in the process of learning and discovering new techniques, new photographers…

I shoot with a Sony A7R. I use from wide angle lenses to 100mm lenses. I mostly use Karl Zeiss lens. My 100mm lens is a Minolta, very sharp. I use a Vanguard tripod. I use Photoshop to edit my photos and sometimes Nick’s pluggin with a Wacom tablet.

People are very enthusiast about my project and follow me. Many people come at me to encourage me with this project sayiçng they have discovered places in their surroundings thanks to my photos. They also tell me that my pics reveal emotions in them, they feel related to my pics.

This project is like an initiatic process for me toward the awakening of my conscious, of my soul. Therefore, it takes me out of my comfort zone, makes me face my fears, my flaws and show me what is essential, what is the truth, what is happiness.


I am a self-taught photographer. I love arts and photography. My aim is to reveal the beauty and soul of places, people or events. I work with magazines and artists. I also develop personnal projects to try new techniques and express myself.