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3D Bad Guys Club

3D Bad Guys Club

Alexis Tapia
August 12, 2018
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A series of 9 3D pieces based on the characters of Craig Gleason's work, joining his scary style with the cuteness of mine (some people say Chibi style).
Thinking of a near future to elabored vinyl figures of this characters.
You can see the project on Behance:

Well, I always be a fan of Craig Gleason's work, so I want to make my version of this characters, so I started making the 3D figures in my spare-time.
My style arose from seeing vinyl figures like the Nendoroid brand, thinking more about how they could become a future in something tangible, that's why it's also the reason to use those colors and textures.

As I based myself on Craig's characters, I was able to skip the sketching process (except on some occasions like Block Boy and Poison Punk, for example).
Then make the pieces in Cinema 4D, using the Vray render engine for rendering the pieces, and re-do some pieces, textures, materials, etc.
I expend too much time redo the pieces but I'm very happy with the result.

After Craig love the project and shared it on his social media, some people love the idea to bring that characters to vinyl figures (
some even asking for a cartoon TV show).
I would love for the vinyl figures to come true, but only time will tell.

If you want to view more of Craig Gleason, follow him on his Intagram:

And (of course) follow me if you want to see more of my work:

Alexis Tapia

Graphic Designer and freelance Illustrator based in Las Californias.

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