3D Printed Prosthesis Design by Fraser Leid

The system is a blend of various thicknesses of ABS Plastic and Aluminium fittings, which either are assembled with cap screws or as a snap-fit. An interesting take on the idea was to integrate Nylon cord as the material required for flexor and extensor movements, as well as individual coiled springs to help the finger’s to reset. The Fingertips are rubberised to allow ease of grip and can be easily replaced or changed for another attachment. I haven’t printed the piece yet, at the moment this is more in the prototype phase, but in the year I hope to have a more refined concept that will be eligible to print

-Fraser Leid





Something all the more important that I wanted to address (and probably most important of all), was to make the internal mechanics visible, because I believe that anatomy of this nature is elegant to witness (Like a skeletonized watch).

-Fraser Leid







I wanted the wearer to be proud of their prosthesis, not shying away because they have a disability, but to even go so far as to boast about it and to show people how it works. From the feedback I’ve received so far, many are drawn to it because of its presentation. It seems like people enjoy the things that are a little bit out of the ordinary.

-Fraser Leid





About Fraser Leid

Fraser Leid is an innovation orientated Industrial Designer. He emigrated from Cape Town, South Africa to the United Kingdom to further his studies with a Bachelor of Science and an Honours degree. This year has been a turning point for many of his projects, which have grabbed internet critics, publishers and media interest all over the world. He is still a student, with only two years of study in the field of Industrial Design, but his recent exposures have allowed him to be treated like a professional. In many ways, it helps his level of progress, by raising the bar and standard for his level of work. To date, he has collaborated with two companies in New York as a consulting Industrial Designer and hopes to further his career in California upon receiving his qualification. You can find more of his artworks by visiting his Behance profile.