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3D Sketch by Janusz Jurek

3D Sketch by Janusz Jurek

Marianne Piano
February 17, 2016

3D Sketch is a personal project by our featured artist, Janusz Jurek. In this art set, our artist used generative art technique. According to Wikipedia, Generative art refers to art as a whole, or a part, that has been created with the use of an autonomous system. An autonomous system in this context is generally one that is non-human and can independently determine features of an artwork that would otherwise require decisions made directly by the artist. For Janusz, it is about motion, and human body is about motion even when it is motionless, it has a complicated nervous system and blood vessels, which works all the time, like wires. The way it works is the greatest wonders of nature. Read on and check out this art set!

When I create my works I don’t really think of people who might enjoy them. At work, I do much 3d design which is very difficult but interesting and consuming at the same time. I used to spend my whole free time learning new techniques, to make things look more and more real. When I got my aim, it came to me that I could do something completely opposite, I could use my 3d skills for simple, pure art purposes.

- Janusz Jurek


I came back to drawing, but I had that crazy idea on my mind to find the way of connecting drawing and sculpting. When you draw, the only thing you need is a sheet of paper and a good pencil. But what if paper was not enough? What if the pencil left traces in the air? And that is how it started.

- Janusz Jurek


It depends on many factors including spare time. I do my non-commercial things to learn something or to improve proficiency. Sometimes one day is enough, but there are things I have been working on for one year. More or less when I know what I want to create it takes me one or two weeks to make my vision come true. It happens that I come back and change my previous version, play with my works. Usually I do few pieces at the same time, that is why my series are so compatible (compact).

- Janusz Jurek


I wanted to do something outstanding by putting together tools I had already known. I am still inspired by Voronoi Diagram which is the base, the very beginning of generative arts. Generative art is also called the art of machines, because it is based on algorithm. It is mostly accidental and my job as an artist is to give it some shape or form. When I want to explain it in the very simple way I can tell that the mesh is creation of the computer but “human form” is mine. You know when the technique is sophisticated, the subject has to be simple. Human body has always been the most popular subject in drawing. Generative art is about motion and human body is about motion even motionless it has complicated nervous system and the blood vessels, which work all the time, like wires. The way it works is the greatest wonders of nature.

- Janusz Jurek


My non-commercial works are experimental. I look for different ways of self-improvement, that is why I try to connect well known tools which I use in my everyday (commercial) job to create something new and unique. I use softwares like Rhino + Grasshopper, Processing, 3d and fractals generators.

- Janusz Jurek


The truth is that process of creation in generative arts is so wonderful that I hope there are still incredible possibilities ahead. Maybe I will work on printing my pieces in 3D so they could be real sculpture, I don’t know yet. But just few years ago I would’t have had such possibility. I agree with those who say that generative arts thanks to new technologies open new chapter in history of arts and architecture. And we are part of this chapter.

- Janusz Jurek


Janusz Jurek was born in October 14, 1972 in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland and is currently based there. A Graphic Designer. Since 1996, he has been carrying his own NEO Graphic Design Studio. He does commercial things such as 3D designing, photography, graphic designing, animation and other new forms of visual arts. Graduated from University of A. Mickiewicz in Poznań, Poland - Art and Educational Institute in 2000. He has won many prizes, local and international, among them the most important – first prize in 2015 during Independent Festival of Creative Communication in Croatia in 3D category for Papilarnie part I. All the Papilranie works are the part of Borderline series which were shown to the public during his first own exhibition in November, 2015 in Modern Art Gallery in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

See more of his artworks in Behance and his website.

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