50 Icons of Florence

A personal projects about architectures in Florence, Italy. It includes churches, cathedrals, old and new buildings, theaters, bridges. Among all these architectures, there are the famous Basilica of Santa Maria in Fiore with Giotto’s Campanile, Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Vecchio.

The project was born from my interest in architecture, which has always fascinated me. Florence, undoubtedly, is a very charming town, thanks to its architectural style known worldwide. Given my passion for minimalist style and iconography, I thought to have fun working on this project. I used the purple color to identify the icons because it’s the color of the city.

I used Illustrator for creating the icons. First, I decided the icons to be realized watching the subjects and capturing them in a photo. Then, through some handmade draft, I simplify the lines and shapes in a few parts, so as to create an icon as simple as possible, and I finish the job by creating all on the computer.

I noticed that people like very much the project. I think it is because this style is much appreciated these times, and also because Florence and Europe architecture in general are loved for their history, especially by all the American tourists that every day visit our country.

I’d love to expand the project to include several other cities of the world. I hope to have soon the opportunity to do it!

Laura Palumbo

Italian Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator