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50Days of Poster Collection

50Days of Poster Collection

Kamran khan
July 30, 2017
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50 days of poster collection is V1 of 365 days poster challenge. I take on challenge myself to create a poster everyday and publish on Instagram. This project gives me opportunity to discover my creativity and ideas in graphics design. I always fascinate by shapes, typography, colours, composition and balancing layouts. I also see my potential and strength to create something without any brief.

I always inspire by daily routine of life around me and nature. I enjoy playing with shapes, typography, colours, composition and layouts, they are powerful tools in graphic design. I always love using bright colours because they are quite appealing to eye.

I always start using Adobe Illustrator and than Adobe Photoshop. Simple pen tools and different shade of colours. I always start with a shape or type than I start adding more shapes rotating them trying out different colours making layout balance.

Actually I am posting everyday 1 poster on Instagram the response so far so good that gives me courage to make more and more posters. Its amazing how all the creatives give you support and love your work. Every time I make a poster I learn something new so that way my skills are getting better day by day.

kamran khan

As a passionate graphic designer, motion designer and video editor, I am continually striving to create innovative ideas. I have 7 years+ of industry experience in the graphic/digital space. This has enabled me to become a multi-skilled creative and allowed me the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team collaborating with other professionals. Specialties: Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, Video, Editing, Motion Graphics, Graphic/Digital Design, Concept Development, Visual Communication, Post-production.
Always on the lookout for fresh ideas and contemporary design trends. I produce work that is both well designed and perfectly fulfills its role as means of visual communication.

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