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60 years of Diplomatic Relationship between Colombia and South Korea

60 years of Diplomatic Relationship between Colombia and South Korea

Ángel Cruz Vanegas
March 20, 2022
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This is a personal propose for a contest by Korean embassy in Colombia.

This year marks 60 years of friendly relationship between the two countries. To commemorate it, the Korean embassy launched this contest to choose the logo that will represent the event.

Here's my project, take a look!

At the beginning I choose some representative elements from both cultures but at the last time I thought that it was so many elements, to keep it simple I choose one idea around the word "우리" a Korean word that means "us" and "our". This word it's very important, 'cause the embassy needs represent the union and strong friendly ties. I worked with the basic color that represent the flags of the countrys and at the same time it was primary colors.

I used bond paper sketchbook for the first sketeches and then I used Adobe Illustrator + Adobe Photoshop to made the final product. Between the first sketches and the final result is such a big change, I experimented so much with shapes and formas, add and rest elements to made a logo that I liked.

It's the second time that I participated on contest like this so it's a greatfully experience and I learn about some branding facts that I usually ignore. Behance's visitors gave me some few likes and views. I'm happy with the result and I like to learn and practice more.

If you want to check some of my artworks please feel free to visit my portfolio:

Ángel Cruz Vanegas

Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer and Illustrator from Colombia.

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