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A Better Bathroom Scale

A Better Bathroom Scale

Sujay Samant
April 28, 2017
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Arch is a digital bathroom scale that is sensitive to the foot arch. A design language beyond that of the current metallic and bulky analog weighing scales or that of the recently trending tempered glass-top digital scales. Arch features a clean minimal outer casing that integrates the skid-less stepping tile with a lowered inner edge to avoid missteps. A subtle bulge in the surface complements perfectly the arch of the foot, bringing in a paradigm shift in the typology of weighing scales designed till date. Along with providing the stepping platform with a more ergonomic and lively touch, the arch dome provides ample space to accommodate the load cell(rated capacity of 150 kg/330 lb). This allows the product to be compact in terms of overall thickness, by making optimum use of internal space for the electronic components in the casing below the platform. The scale thus derives its name from this simple yet powerful detail.

The contact platform of any weight measuring device forms the linchpin of the product. So, it was my goal to empower this critical member of the product, both aesthetically and functionally.
To soften the interaction of the foot with the product, which is the most fundamental user interaction in any weighing scale, and to make it more natural, it was necessary to make the stepping platform more ergonomic. To challenge existing code of flat top digital bathroom scales, I asked the question, "Should a scale always be flat?"
Far away from the form and style of all weighing scales in the market and a much-needed adjustment to the trending minimal style of designing products, I aimed at creating a new style through Arch. The single-colour variations for the platform will feature natural and subtle shades to complement the softer form of the product.
Finally, I decided to create a clear and coherent centrally placed display with a typeface that would complement and complete the design.

To start off the ideation process, it was important to understand the current trend in weight measuring devices as well as other product categories. this gave me a good understanding of where the scope lied while creating a new product with respect to looks, feel, function and usability.
Ideation through 2D sketches, followed by 3D form visualization in SolidWorks. All the details, like the skid-less platform graphics, display, switch buttons were finished onto the model in 3D. The colour, material and finish were applied in Luxion Keyshot 6 for a better understanding of how the final product would finally look like.

My next venture will be to reenvision the commercial weighing scale and the luggage scale into a range of weight measuring products, conforming to the design language of Arch, that are more human and easier for the user to measure weight more accurately, promptly and with a sense of reliability.
Arch is a very recent project of mine, with a few positive responses, but I eagerly look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions. So, feel free to reach out to me to talk more about the project.

Sujay Samant

I am an Industrial designer and a Production engineer.
My experiences as a student of Industrial Design, have taught me, that challenges are meant to be taken head-on with an intent of learning from them and tackling them in new ways.
My time as a student of engineering has taught me to have a practical approach to solving problems, and that feasibility and usability are the key driving factors
I now seek to implement and advance my learnings, skills and knowledge as an Industrial Design professional.
Implementing both contrasting yet complementing fields together and exercising a goal-oriented approach to solve problems and meet user needs, I consider myself in a better position to not just design products, but to ‘create’ solutions that have potential to be manufactured, marketed and finally be enjoyed by the user.

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