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A brand, many solutions

A brand, many solutions

Glancing EYE
July 4, 2019
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The way to understand the process of decorating spaces has changed in the last recent years, especially with the entry into scene of computer-assisted interior design, and 3D modelling. Both disciplines are expanding their market volume significantly. And this has just begun.

From our initiative, we promote projects of 3D Interior Design at an international level as lot of clients need advices during the process of creating new spaces. As well as companies need help to get a more efficient distribution of both their work spaces and their commercial establishments.

In order to create all our designs, we have a huge 3D Stock of Models with more than 10,000 references and new models every month. Our vast catalogue with predesigned objects for interior design and decoration never stops growing. And now, all designers, architects and professionals can use them in their projects as a work tool.

This 3D technology is very useful not only for individuals and professionals, but also for furniture companies as this can help to improve their services and update their catalogues.

From our side, we take charge of any 3D Modelling process of any reference, and we provide specific solutions for regular provisioning in long-term interventions.

Glancing EYE

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