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A Camera Called Lowdi by Forrest Radford

A Camera Called Lowdi by Forrest Radford

Honey Adraque
July 18, 2015
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This project of Forrest Radford is an adaptation of his previous design called Ka-Mu-Ra for a design competition run by “Design-Students” which he was shortlisted for. The brief was to design a product for the brand “Lowdi”. Read on and enjoy!

The concept is based upon “Kanketsu” (the idea of simplicity). Borrowing technology currently available to us in smart phones and laptops I was able to design the ultimate snapshot camera, which is also uniquely buttonless. The camera works through touch interfaces. An accelerometer controls which surface picks up the information so as not to cause a conflict of information within the UI. To turn it on and off there is a rotational switch installed in the pivot point of the camera. So when closed it is off and when it is opened it turned itself on. Data and charge is transferred through a micro b usb cable. The handle provides a comfortable and flexible grip to allow you to hold the camera however you wish as demonstrated by the artwork. Comfortable in your hand yet small enough to fit discreetly in your pocket.

- Forrest Radford









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About Forrest Radford

Forrest Radford is a Product Design Graduate of Central Saint Martins. He is a very hands on designer with a background in craftsmanship and because of this, he has a strong relationship with development through making. In addition to this, he has a range of skills that eclipse the whole design process; from initial research, insights and concepts to final models, renders and presentations. He excel at tackling briefs in different typologies and rethinking what the definition of an object could be, often creating products that are unique in design yet feasible in manufacture. You can find more of his artworks on his
Behance profile.

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