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A dream

A dream

Rocío Fuhr
March 24, 2020
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These are some photos i took during a test session with a model. What I thought it would be a simple shoot, ended up being a much more deeper one.
It was actually going to be a beauty session but the agency asked me for some simple photos of her, so i suggested we could take those in my garden, i had no idea they were going to end up being such great pictures.

The idea is based on a dream I had a while ago, one where i was running through fields with my camera. This is a dream i had a really long time ago and i had forgotten, but when I took the picture the images of the dream just came back to me.

First of all I took the picture with my Nikon camera, Then i edit it with lightroom, wich is my base program for editing, and lastly i added the blue sky in photoshop, wich was not there originally.
I had some doubts about the sky, I was trying to make it look real but then i realized i liked the un-realistic look.

People really seem to enjoy it, I usually publish my work on instagram first and see where the people's response takes me.
I've been struggling with uploading to instagram since im very obsessed with perfecting my work, so i was quite pleased when it got almost 1000 likes.

keep dreaming ❤️

Rocío Fuhr

I'm a 23 yearl old photographer & art director from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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