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A modern or contemporary garden

A modern or contemporary garden

Wenceslaus Iwuoha
September 15, 2022
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Smooth, streamlined, and sophisticated design elements define a modern or contemporary garden.
The simplicity of Asian design techniques is used in contemporary landscape designs.

the client requested for a garden design at his backyard, a place where he could have his evening relaxation, where he could also host family gatherings.

Archicad + Lumion

I uploaded it on social media after the client had fallen in love with it, and other people also showed their love.
This initiative benefits my own ability to think more creatively and strategically.

I received positive comments from the client and the architects, which assisted me in choosing the appropriate aesthetic.

Wenceslaus Iwuoha

I am an enthusiastic architect, who enjoys being part of leading, successful and productive team. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop creative solutions to problems.
I hold a and Architecture
My objective is to be a positive influence in my career and social sphere.

Also skilled in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Microsoft Office, Research and Design - Build Development.

One comment on “A modern or contemporary garden”

  1. I am a fan of determined individuals, but in your case, i have gone beyond being a fan.

    I admire the way Eagles soar, i admire ur tenacity of focus.

    Your Architectural skills and patterns are top- notch.
    Keep it up Dearest Wence. My number one draft pick...👍

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