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A Rebrand That’s In The Bag.

A Rebrand That’s In The Bag.

Shawn Murenbeeld
November 19, 2020

Our client was a big fan of our previous work of their Organic line, so they asked us to develop a synergistic look for their parent brand, Downey Farms. We had to roll out 5,10 & 50 lb paper bags x 5 including two styles of shipper boxes. The project took several months to complete and equally as long to print.

We knew these products needed to look as timeless and natural as possible. They are, after all, potatoes — so what better way to package them than in a potato sack? This look has been done to death with coffee, but surprisingly we didn’t see much if any burlap used by their competitors. Continuing with our heritage-inspired nameplate, we added usages to the simple typographic design to help the less savvy customer.

Built using Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator and Photoshop. We used the previous work we did of their sub-brand and tweaked it to work with the parent brand. The main point of difference was the burlap material. This ran through all the product lines except for the box. Like the bags we wanted the look to be as true as possible so we used raw kraft as the base for the box art. The result is a clean, simple heritage-inspired look that celebrates 90 years or hard work.

It’s now just being released to consumers, so it’s too early to see how the new brand will be received. Internally the company loves it. Printing on potato bags can be unforgiving. This lesser quality industry-standard paper is very difficult to work with. You have to anticipate huge colour shifts and registration issues. The printer was in another province which added to the difficulty, so there was a lot of phone calls and proofs before we landed on the finished product.

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- Casey Kasem

Shawn Murenbeeld

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