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A White Season by Gustavo Coutinho

A White Season by Gustavo Coutinho

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July 31, 2015

A White Season is a mix of 3 projects by Brazilian Architectural Visualization Specialist Gustavo Coutinho of Diffuse Virtual Studio. The project were done for different clients but had the same feel with regards to the composition and lighting. They were a mix of 2 NYC apartments and 1 Brazilian house.

Gustavo Coutinho



The design was elaborated to suit the clients needs in a minimalist way. I have tried to value the ambiance and the huge spaces with minimal and modern furniture sets. My inspiration comes from several great artists in the field and designs with a great personality. Some of my compositions in various shades of grey is counterbalanced by well-thought white and dark accents turning the interiors into a beautiful and calm place to live.
-Gustavo Coutinho






Great artist in the field such as Fernando Gasperin, Peter Guthrie, The Boundary Studio and amazing architects such as Tadao Ando, Frank Lloyd Wright, Tom Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and so many others.
-Gustavo Coutinho

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Study as hard as you can. Seek for the fundamentals of photography, cinema, art, design, architecture and most important, light. It´s crucial to understand how things work so you can be able to reproduce it later.
-Gustavo Coutinho

About Gustavo Coutinho

Gustavo Coutinho is a Brazilian Architectural Visualization Specialist working for the architectural real estate market and product visualization. He creates 3D hyper-realistic images to translate the clients needs with precision. He is absolutely passionate about architecture, design, and 3D visualization. Loves light in it´s natural form and expressions. His work has several award winning prizes in the field that he's very proud of. His goal is to provide the best visual experiences to his clients. The renderings speaks for itself in a natural and comprehensive way. See more of his work at his website .

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  1. I think this is one of the best work in the Architecture industry. The design and placement of kitchen, drawing room, study or office room and all other part is great. Everyone would like to have such nice house.

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