About Love

This is a personal project consisting of 24 minimal illustrations. I decided to create this series about love with a playful side like a little comic about weird love (at the first sight and the second kick). This was supposed to be a story about the love between a bad boy and a good girl with a character, with culmination and an interesting denouement.

The idea came to me unexpectedly, while I was working on one complex detailed project, and I wanted simplicity of solutions and composition in this personal work. I tried to do this with a limited palette of local colors and geometric shapes and silhouettes, simplifying as well as the characters and their surroundings to a minimum, just introducing somewhere a little humorous details.

First I set the format in which I will enter each action of the characters – one of the simplest forms is a square. Then I made sketches of the characters on paper so that they fit into this form and that each subsequent action of the hero was shown with the help of his posture or emotion so I set the task to make it as simple as possible. Next was the most interesting: you had to come up with a story of love. I decided to divide it into 4 scenes and made several storyboards. Then I painted each action in Adobe Illustrator, some details were born in the process of work.

The reaction of people to the project was ambiguous, someone called it cute and funny and some rude, it’s probably what I wanted to achieve – to show the two sides of this feeling – love. I liked this duality so I challenged myself on finding this balance. What a lesson I learned from this work – to learn to simplify forms. This was a problem for me, because this is my first comic about such a serious feeling, so it was difficult, but very useful and funny at the same time.

You can see my work on my behance page https://www.behance.net/itwazcool, or on my instagram account https://www.instagram.com/itwazcool/

Ksusha Itwazcool

Illustrator, Russia