Abstract Geometry

This is a series of designs inspired by the simplicity of shapes. It’s an exploration of color and composition. The goal was to create successful designs that are simpler by nature. These designs were created on different days when I was making my daily renders. I was trying to think of a way to present my renders, and grouping them by theme or subject matter seemed like a good approach.

I’ve been creating daily renders in Cinema4D and posting them on Instagram (@itskriskara). I started it in order to learn the software and to get into the habit of creating things every single day. One of my struggles is usually to let things go and finish a piece, so this was a good way to challenge my mindset and how I view my work. The Abstract Geometry series consists of some of the daily renders that deal with geometric shapes. When making them, I was trying to concentrate my attention on the composition and color. My goal was to create something that is simple but that also works as a design.

I’ve used Cinema4D in order to create them. My process usually varies. Here I picked a geometric shape, started moving it around and playing with it until I liked what I saw. (Which also includes setting up the different lights, and playing with textures and colors)

The responses were very positive. When l combined these designs in a series – I really liked the way they looked together. My ideas tend to go all over the place as far as subject matter, so grouping them together made these individual pieces seem very cohesive as a group.

Kristina Kara

3D artist | designer based in LA.