Academic Library

The project main goal was to design a library for Cairo University new branch.
The Project Main Elements:
– Library / Reading Area
– Administration
– Book Storage
– Exhibition
– Main Lecture Hall
– Small Seminar Rooms
– Rear Books Area
– Labs & Groups Work-spaces
– Multimedia Rooms

My main focus in the design process was to design a building as simple as possible to create a quiet and focus environment for reading and study.
Using the daylight inside the reading areas was a very important focus too, the perspective can explain how I managed to do that.

The project as a modeling and rendering was done completely using Autodesk Revit.
Every furniture element (families) picked carefully to fit its purpose.
I also used Photoshop for a simple post production in the main shot and to add description and lines on the 3D zoning study.

To complete this project in the right way I had to study more about designing the libraries and educational buildings.
It was a great chance to have this interesting study, I hope I get the chance to design more educational buildings in the future.

Mahmoud Hussain

Fresh Graduate Architectural Engineer – Cairo University, Egypt