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Acampando pelo mundo (camping around the world)

Acampando pelo mundo (camping around the world)

Erika Gushiken
April 5, 2018
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Milka is a girl, with adventure desires, who is traveling around a fantasy world.

This project is own authorship, that didn't have been made directioned for a concrete objective, but more for learning. I'll keep doing sceneries over time, I hope... xD

The idea comes up when I wanted to start training more about drawing sceneries and perspective. So I thought about doing a character, Milka, traveling around differents locations. Milka is draw in mangá style, my favorite one for the expressive facial characteristic. I was testing digital tools those are similar to effect of traditional watercolor, so this turns in this way.

I used the open software Medibang Paint Pro, that I recommend because is a very light and effective program. I initiated doing little sketchs to study the angle of composition. After that, I did the line-up from a sketch, colouring with opaque colors to finally add shadows and light effects.

The people who I showed the project tell me that seems like a representation of myself. They also spoken that imagine the project in a colored book. For me, I'm keep doing that project, learning about concept art and using digital tools for that, which I have few knowledge for now.

Thanks for the interest ?

Erika Gushiken

My name is Erika Gushiken, a brazilian illustrator who's like to make characters in anime/mangá style.

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