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Laimutė Varkalaitė
September 2, 2021

Sometimes even the biggest giant should have his little guardian. This story is about the small acorn ACO who strongly believed in better times when the land would become green again. All what was necessary to do was to wake up the old oak and inspire it to believe in it as well. But the oak was asleep for many years already and Aco understood that if he wanted to wake up the land, first of all, he had to bring back the oak’s desire of life. And then a hopeful idea came into the little acorn’s mind.
Aco's hope was stronger than doubt.
I dedicate it to everyone who strongly believes in the power of being together and I hope this story will inspire those who still don’t.

I love creating short visual stories with meaningful content. I hope that they could inspire people and allow them to forget some troubles of their daily lives for a moment.
ACO is one of my stories inspired by nature. I always look for ideas and learn from my surroundings. I feel happy finding something so simple but also special between the ground and the sky. I love imagining small creatures which live in the garden, meadows or forest. And then the story comes to my mind.
This time I created a short narrative about small things and their huge impact on what could happen if we only believe. I chose watercolor pencils, colors of nature and thin brown recycled paper, developing this idea step by step. Everything is important in the creative process when you see the aim clearly. And what is the most important in the story of ACO, as in other stories of mine as well, is the feeling, the emotion that is transmitted by the dialogue of the text and the image and settles down in the mind and heart of the perceiver.

Watercolor pencils and recycled paper seemed to me the most appropriate materials for this project. To reveal this story I also used Adobe Photoshop software and Wacom Intuos Pro tool. But this time I strived to leave the image as original as it was possible in the final version of the work.

I got really very kind responses from people about ACO. That was the most important award for any artwork. That makes me happy and inspires me to move on and keep doing what I am doing.

I am grateful for an opportunity to share my art and to show my world in this way. Many thanks to everyone to your attention!

Laimutė Varkalaitė

I'm Laimutė Varkalaitė, an illustrator and a graphic designer, based in a sweet small home-town Rumšiškės, in Lithuania. I have decided to stay in this place long time ago. My home and the environment which I live in are the base of everything I create. That inspires me to discover simplicity and the sense of wonder in my creative ideas.
I love drawing. This is a language I use to introduce myself and connect with other people. I use traditional and digital graphic techniques, as well as their combination, to transmit my ideas visually on paper or on screen. My drawing is a pure graphic line, with a focus on every detail, the harmony of colours and profound emotional expression. The main theme of most of my works is nature and human-being, their interaction and reflection of each other.
With my creation I try to achieve a calming and positive impact on the perceiver. I want to inspire him to believe in the magical effect of creation, to encourage him to reveal his worldview and to get to know himself better. Every art work for me is a story, a challenge, an artistic achievement and an improvement of my skills as an illustrator. I love sharing it with others.
I am thankful to everyone who knows me closer and discovers my perception of the world through my art works.

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