Music is very present in everyday life in Brazil, it is part of our DNA. This furniture brings the minimalist side of contemporary Brazilian design. Build upon structures that resemble guitar Chords, wich translate to “Acordes” in Portuguese. Establishing the concept has a group of notes sounded together, as a basis of harmony.

From Brazilian musicality “bossa nova” and “samba”. Songs smooths and full of meaning that can translate best the spirit of the people that live in Brazil.
So the structures should be light and resemble chords of a guitar. The white leather seat contrast in harmony with the cooper color, establishing a smooth and subtle visual. Besides the cooper and white leather visual, there is a black color version representing a sharp look of the furniture.

Start with rough sketchs, brainstorming ideas while listening to Brazilian music. I have also look for references on materials present in the furniture design in Brazil. And then I establish some measures using Itiro Iida Fundamentals of Ergonomic Book. Finally, rhinoceros was used for 3D modeling and Keyshot for the materials/textures visualization.

Try to translate music into a product is a hard task, but the process was very fun and rewarding. I was trying to shape a different perspective for Brazilian design and having people recognize this gives me stamina to try more and more.

Paul Richard Mayer