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Marwan Nazeer
May 28, 2019
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This project is about how you have to adapt and accept certain circumstances you’re going through daily that imprison your thoughts, identity like a marionette and make you unable to live and cope with life normally. Your adaptation and acceptance will make you bloom while facing these seemingly impossible obstacles you’re living in struggling. This project is simply about living hope.

What inspired me to create this artwork is a personal experience I've been facing and wanted to reflect it on this artwork with the dark/light theme that contains sadness (dark) yet a glimmer of hope (light) that every person who's going through any hardship should cling to and bloom. by rising above it. What inspired me when creating is the concept of the marionette dolls that are controlled from above by restrictive wires which is identical to people who hardships and sufferings restrictvly imprison them and fully control their being and thoughts.

I used photo-manipulation techniques by using adobe photoshop cc and my process went from sketching on a piece of paper , surfing the web for photos and materials that matches the concept and finally I manipulated all the elements together to create the scene starting from the stage & curtains , moving to the main hero in the artwork which is the rose head marionette girl and ending with the two sub heroes the mannequins which are cracked and destroyed yet they choose to bloom.

The first thing that people thought is that they can related to the concept of the artwork. Every person has problems. Every person is going through issues and hardships that no one knows anything about. Every person needs to cling to that glimmer of hope that his/her's hardships offer from a specific perspective. Every person deserves to adapt to the restrictions around them and finally Every Person deserves to live life to the fullest without the need to fake any of the human emotions.

Marwan Nazeer

An Art lover , Enthusiast, fan , you name it! who curiously enjoys every piece of art whether its visual or hand-crafted, whether its tiny or massive. With proven records and experience of 3+ years in Graphic Designing, Visual Art, Advertising, Retouching, BTL Designs and many others. I believe I can bring creative ideas and successful solutions to the table.

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