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Adblock City

Adblock City

Francesco Hashitha Moorthy
July 10, 2017
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Our life is now immersed in man's vices, our cities are covered with advertisements, posters, even the web is now submerged. I have tried to imagine what would happen if we were able to activate an Ad Blocker in real life, as is the case in the internet sites. I wanted to give this project an artistic direction that resembles the nostalgia and emotions of the current “Vaporwave", made up of references to the past, in an almost dreamlike ambiance in which the brilliant and saturated colors of modern life, mirror of the Vices of this society.

As I have already said, I was inspired by the lifestyle of this century, I work in an advertising agency, so I have to face advertising every day, I wanted to give this work a Vaporwave style, because it is an artistic current that has me Impressed and fascinated. I think this brilliant and vibrant style is well-rounded to highlight the advertising that surrounds us.

For this project as usual I have entrusted to classical adobe programs, especially Photoshop for image retouching, Lighroom for color correction and After effect to create city animations, photos here are purchased by Shutterstock.Next time I would like to take photos of her though.

The project is going well, the content is quite present and the style helps a lot as it is very impacting. The fact is that 5 important cities are represented such as New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Honk Kong and London

Francesco Hashitha Moorthy






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