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ADCR Awards 2015 by Vova Lifanov

ADCR Awards 2015 by Vova Lifanov

Jon Paylaga
June 23, 2015
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ADCR Awards 2015 is the only russian creative awards by Art Directors Club Russia. In the advertising environment it made a lot of use of anglicisms.

Moreover as a result of this mixture resulted in a specific language "Runglish" or Russian promotional language. The original identity is based on a language paradox with some sarcasm. In the popular English advertisment words included the letters of the Russian alphabet. On the other hand Identity Events seemed to hint that the award is given to it on behalf of the Russian Art Directors Club, from which to fully be called an awards of creativity with a Russian accent.

- Vova Lifanov














About Lifanov Vova

The Author's name is Lifanov Vova, He is 30 years old. By education,
he is a graphic artist, but occupied by designing since 2004.
He have his own little agency SUPREMATIKA, where with the same zeal he dedicate him self to web design and branding.
He had some big clients clients such as the VEB, Megafon, Yota, ICD,, Mars, May, FC dynamo
Moscow, RZHD, DST, TV and Radio Company Mir and others.

Over the past two years he have collected awards at almost all festivals, the existing
UIS and some in Europe, including the Golden drum, Epica, Golden hammer, Red Apple, KMRF,
Popok, White Square, idea, Rating Runet Runet Award, Golden Flea, Identity: Best
of the Best, Fakestival, Logolounge trends.

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