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Adeli Naiad

Adeli Naiad

Nick Tsygankov
October 15, 2016
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This weird logo is one of my favorites projects. It was created for a talented person, my fabulous friend Adeli. She works as a dj and sound produсer. Adeli is based in Kiev, she is one of the top artists of the Kiev underground techno stage.

The idea came from a client, it was clearly described and that's what I liked about it. Although I can hardly say that this idea is unique, I took up its implementation without hesitation, since I love all the weird stuff. I wanted to do something similar to engravings, but at the same time to stay within the minimalist style.

It's more of a brand identity adapted illustration. In this case, as in many others, I start with paper and pencil. Then I convert the sketch into a vector with the help of the illustrator. After this, I think over the typography, draw the letters and search out the optimum combination.

This project is quite controversial. Many people's reaction was negative, I was accused of plagiarism by the design community which showed me similar projects with different implementation. This knocked me down a bit, as I wanted to do my best in the embodiment of my client's idea, I wanted it to become unique.
This incident also scared away customers from the corporate sector. Ultimately I realized that you must do what you like and you also have to do it well.

Nick Tsygankov

Graphic designer and illustrator from Ukraine. Unlike most specialists, I went in for design and illustration by chance, without any specialized education. At some point I needed a website and a distinctive style to be developed for my own project but I didn't have enough finances for a proper specialist. So I engaged in self-education. When the war broke out in my hometown Donetsk, I had to move to Kiev where I started my job as a graphic designer. I enjoy working with musicians, artists and independent brands. With three years of experience, I work as an art-director and manage small teams.

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