Adidas Tubular Primeknit by Alexis Chevrier

This is the kind of project Alexis Chevrier Chevrier does during his free time. A 3D modeling and visualisation project of the Adidas Tubular Primeknit. Alexis worked on this shoe, since he have wanted to work on a shoe project for a long time – this one was good challenge, in both modeling and visualisation.

I wanted to keep myself busy, so I decided to work on this shoe from the latest Adidas collection. My goal was to create photorealistic illustration of this shoe. Being able to create both neutral “white” studio renderings, usually used for selling and graphic illustration used for advertising. The job was split in two part, the main and first one was being able to look like as close as possible from the design, by creating the 3D model & the materials. The second one was being able to propose something new, thanks to lighting, compositing and illustration. I finally created a 360° turntable to add value to the 3D modeling job. It also allow to have a full overview of the product.

– Alexis Chevrier Chevrier

For this project I used Autodesk 3DsMax for the modeling & rendering, HDR LightStudio for the lighting, Illustrator & Photoshop for the texture editing, AfterFx & Photoshop for the compositing and post-production. From beginning to end: I used a shoe last 3D model as a reference with side and top views pictures (from Adidas website) as blueprints to create the shoe 3D model, I also used 3/4 views and close up pictures for shape understanding. I used Autodesk 3Ds Max (which is a polygonal modeling software) since it was the greatest answer to recreate the fabric softness of the shoe.

Once the 3D model done. I unwrapped the UV’s of my 3D model, in order to perfectly place the texture I created on the model. The seamless textures was previously created with illustrator and Photoshop thanks to high resolution fabric pictures, and used to create the shoe materials (Vray materials). Then it remains the scene editing (camera creation, shoe stand), the lighting (done with HDR Light studio) and the rendering (done with Vray Engine). Once I made the raw rendering created, I take them to AfterFx for post-production and add touch up on Photoshop. As planned on the beginning I created neutral “white” studio renderings and one more personal.

– Alexis Chevrier Chevrier

This project had been globally well received, especially on the design network I use Behance. It even became the most viewed & liked project on my profile.

Even if the process are similar, I do learn from every the project I do. Sometimes I learn about new tools, I face problems, and experiment with new things. During this project I had the opportunity to perform soft modeling, with this experiment comes constraints like UV mappings, and the need to create highly realistic fabric textures and materials.

– Alexis Chevrier Chevrier

About Alexis Chevrier Chevrier

Alexis Chevrier Chevrier is a 23 year-old French Digital Designer, freshly graduated from the Institut Supérieur de Design (ISD) FRANCE. In addition to his Industrial Product Design background, Digital Design education allowed him to be able to use a huge amount of digital skills, such as sketch-modeling, A-class Surface modeling, Polygonal Modeling, Real-time Showcase, and photorealistic digital Imagery (Rendering) & Animation. Alexis is currently looking for a new professional opportunity worldwide.