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ADIEU App Design Concept

ADIEU App Design Concept

Yanci Flores
June 4, 2019
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This project was created by my partner Julia Geist. She is a software developer that wanted to create a website/app that allows you to save your last messages for loved ones to receive when you pass away. You set up an emergency contact, who will notify the site that you have passed. From there, all of your messages will be sent out to your loved ones. My role in this project was to create all the visual branding aesthetics this included layout design, mockups and logo.

The idea for the logo came about through the research I did while brainstorming. I wanted to work with a universal symbol that represented death or the passing of spirit. I wanted something that could be connected to all different cultures. The one that came up the most was the moth. They are connected with death because of their attraction towards the light. This is to represent the transcendence into the unknown. This then led me to make the choice of having the background be a picture of the cosmos. The color palette consisted of three different shades of blue and tan as an accent. My overall style of design is very minimal I like keep every element clean and consistent.

I started out by sketching the basic wireframe of the website. Keeping in mind where I wanted to place the tabs and how it would function when the user interacts with it. When it came to creating the logo I gathered a few reference images of the Luna moth. I really liked the big wings so I broke it down into geometrical parts that helped build the overall shape. The background elements include a hexagon, overlapped by a triangle that unify all parts together. Throughout the whole process of the logo I looked for spatial relationships between each shape. It was really like fitting together a puzzle.

Overall this project was really exciting for me I felt like I had a lot artistic freedom while creating it. I enjoyed the research aspect of it because it helped me make the right design choices and really got my ideas flowing once I started it.

If you would like to learn more about this project you can check it out at:

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