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Adobe Fragrance

Adobe Fragrance

Vinicius Araújo
April 17, 2017

The idea of doing this case was to create a playful version making a reference to each program of the Adobe family. It is not commercial, I wanted to play with the imaginary, especially the young people. Give that feeling that I would USE because I identify myself a lot. It was fun to watch people's reactions.

The idea came after a product study in Cinema 4D, it had a good result in the hand and I wonder how to take better advantage of the texture that I got in the results, then came the idea of launching the collection. Each product has a connection with fruits and plants and the result was this playful design.

The first step was to give realism to the bottle of perfume and liquid, which resulted in a full day of testing using the Octane Render for Cinema 4D. Then came the idea of making each program a taste and I went researching to make the main link between the color of the program, fruit and smell.

Usually a project takes days to fall into people's tastes, but this was different, as everyone uses and likes the Adobe package, acceptance was immediate and made me follow for the 8 perfumes, I still want to end with all Adobe programs. The most important thing I always learn is to create news, everyone is thirsty for news.

Let's use without moderation, each one identifies with their area of performance and style. We do not need to have everyone, but it's important to know a little of each because you never know tomorrow, you really need to be prepared.

Vinicius Araújo

10 comments on “Adobe Fragrance”

  1. then, your life is filling with Adobe~~~ cannot escape anymore XDDDD

    Due, you should publish it officially!!!
    Nice job tho~

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