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Adventure Time 8 of Spades by Salvador Anguiano

Adventure Time 8 of Spades by Salvador Anguiano

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May 16, 2016
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Salvador Anguiano's piece was created for the Hero Complex Gallery show Cardistry. The show consisted of inviting several artists from all over the world to create a full deck of cards, also the gallery made a book featuring all the art and artists for the show as well as prints of each card made.

I was assigned 8 of Spades. Trying to think outside the box I decided to have Finn and Jake forming an 8 while holding their swords, so... 8 of Spades! As for the style I figured I wanted to try a different thing from my usual stuff, going for a geometric look that fits the characters really well.

- Salvador Anguiano

Pencil, Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Intuos. As for the process, I start sketching ideas in a very rough, loose way until I get one that feels right (this being a free, sort of personal project) and then I start building the shapes in Adobe Illustrator, using Photoshop to fix color.

- Salvador Anguiano

My audience and people attending the opening at the gallery seemed to like the poster, receiving some nice comments about it in different social outlets. As for anything learned, well I liked the style I used and will be looking to work in it in following projects, it's always interesting and fun exploring different styles and stepping out of your comfort zone.

- Salvador Anguiano

About Salvador Anguiano

Salvador Anguiano is an independent graphic designer, he's been doing it for well over 10 years now from a middle-sized city down in México. His practice focuses on brand design, lettering and illustration. Salvador have worked for several clients from all over the world. His clients have come from a wide range of industries and sectors such as entertainment and fashion, food and construction, communications and software development. So you can say his experience has been varied. He devote most of his free time to pursue his personal art and design projects. He also like to collect toys and play video games with his son.

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