Advertising by Antoine Déprez

Antoine Déprez defines illustration as a quite exiting job. Every illustrator have his own way to proceed, is own personality, there is not a “good way” to do but so many. However, he thinks that some things are common for every picture maker. The idea of this project is the main thing of creating pictures. If you say the things in a smart way, people will pay you more attention and listen to you carefully. Read on and enjoy!

Una Bellissima Catastrofe:
Illustration executed for a theater piece poster and flyer, for youth and adults. Executed with acrylic paint on paper. The play is about revisiting the classic tales, the characters are bored with their usual part, they escape from the stiff of their stories to live their own life. With this picture I try to wrap up this concept, princess and wolf escape from the book like if it was a prison. Colors refer to tales ambiance, sweet and warm.

– Antoine Déprez


C’era due volte una nonna:
Illustration executed for a theater piece poster and flyer, for youth and adults. Executed with acrylic paint on raw paper. The play is about relationship between gran parents and gran sons, all the the memory grand parents carry on. Sitting the two characters on the same stool, create complicity between them.
The carton background recall the scenography on stage, exclusively made out of cartons. The shape of character and colors try to communicate the sweetness of this relationship.

– Antoine Déprez


Scherzo di neve:
Illustration executed for a theater piece poster and flyer, for youth and adults. Executed with computer graphics (photoshop). First I do a pencil drawing, scan it and color all the areas of the picture, and then, remove the lines. It gives the picture a sweetness that lines can’t afford. The play is about the arrival of winter in a lady’s house. Giving the winter a character seeing easily establish a strong impact on the spectator. The size of this character and the snow that come out of the hat also helps to amaze. Using only two colors, opposite ( warm/cold, saturate and bland), make the picture so easy to read.

– Antoine Déprez


Pasqua in città:
Illustration executed for the poster of easter Lugano city event. The challenge was to illustrate the spring in one picture, freshness, motion, life, energy and birth. Every element serve this intent, from the character chosen to the shapes and color they have. In the end, i add a striped background to intensify the burst of the picture.

– Antoine Déprez


Tanjamanu – Annika & Nico – Nicole & Igor
These three illustrations are weeding invitations. They are made which acrylic paint, each one try to represent the mood of the couple, with the composition but also which the elements used. Here the purpose is to transmit the intimacy between the two lovers.

– Antoine Déprez


Natale in piazza
This was the christmas festival Lugano-city poster. Realized with acrylic on paper. During this christmas event, all the city centre turns to a fairy place, lights, markets, shows. With this subject I tried to put together the magic of Christmas which wrap the city and the children’s fascination for this feast.

– Antoine Déprez


Suoni e Luci a Palazzo
This illustration is an invitation to a show, during christmas, the city of Lugano organized a projection show on the town hall frontage. Every night the center square becomes a performance area, full of light and music. This picture is simply realized by switching a pencil drawing in negative. I just add a flat shape of yellow to symbolize the light.

– Antoine Déprez
City center map of the event. Acrylic on paper I love realizing sky views of cites making them become like models.

– Antoine Déprez
Greeting card for a gardener company. Acrylic on paper, and computer graphics. Still keeping the christmas mood and magic, the intent is to translate the company offer into a fairy work.

– Antoine Déprez


About Antoine Déprez

Antoine Déprez is an illustrator from Lille, France. He works as an independent illustrator in various areas, press, publicity, picture books, advertising.
He studied at the Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon, France and also teaching illustration at the Swiss Italian University of Visual Communication. He is mostly interested in character depicting, trying to communicate feelings through shapes and colors. Amazed by the power that can have a picture, he tries to use extravaganza to bewitch the spectator. His maestros are Shaun Than, Ricardo Guasco, Paul Klee, Joe Sorren, Brecht Evens, Goya, Henrich Kley, Simone Rea. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile or website.