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Aeon Mineral Water by Kevin Lo

Aeon Mineral Water by Kevin Lo

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November 23, 2015
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The name Aeon comes from the Greek word for "life force" and "a long period of time." As an elemental part of life, water has helped maintain the Earth's ecosystems so that they may support human life. Drawing upon the duo meaning of the word, Aeon Waters seeks present a product line that is timeless in its aesthetic, unembellished, non-ornate and pure. The visual language of the Aeon brand speaks to the purity of the product. As a brand, Aeon is dedicated to the health and well-being of its customers. Aeon products are focused on helping people flourish—in style.

Logo form:
The logo is a water droplet captured in the depth of the ocean. Each of the four letters of the logo is integrated into the mark.

About the Packaging/Design:

The goals of the packaging were to reference the depth of the source as well as the purity of the product. For the standard 500ml bottle, seven notches were added to the bottle. One for each hundred meters below the surface of the ocean. A gradient was then added to the bottle to visually create the experience of depth, and the darkness of deep water. A fig-shaped bottle seemed suitable for the sparkling water product. The shape takes inspiration from the process of natural springs. For each bottle, the placement of the logo at the bottom of the bottle reminds of the origin of this precious liquid.

Kevin Lo

The client wanted to enter the highly competitive bottled water market dominated by many international brands. For the art direction, I wanted the style to reflect the highly technical process of harvesting, desalinization and purification of ocean water.
-Kevin Lo

Kevin Lo

For inspiration, I looked to brands that exude a visual sharpness and excitement without being ostentatious. I drew inspiration from the BAC Mono supercar and Balenciaga's recent collections under Alexander Wang.
-Kevin Lo


I can't really put a finger on any particular "style" that I can call my own, but I try to stay flexible and adapt to each design challenge. I am inspired by the work of Sagmeister & Walsh, Zaha Hadid and Philippe Starck. Always look for chances to collaborate with designers with different focuses and skill sets. The most surprising solutions come from putting two or more creative minds together.
-Kevin Lo

Design, strategy, art direction: Kevin Lo
Industrial design: Ken Chen

About Kevin Lo

Kevin Lo is a Taiwanese-born visual designer currently based in San Francisco. He is constantly looking for opportunities to help people and brands tell their stories. You can see more of his amazing works on Behance or his website.

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