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Vinayak Malkari
December 1, 2017
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Aerflo is a portable air purifier visualization, that is designed for lowering air pollution threat's especially in India, metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai where people suffers from poor air quality daily, according to research by SAFAR air pollution scale level is this cities is between 201-300 which is considered ‘poor’ and which impacts children, old people, asthma and heart patients drastically.

In India, there is a major air pollution pollution problem, which is increasing day by day, and the air purifier available in the market are not compact, acquires space and also not mobile to carry with you wherever you are, so I've thought to create an air purifier that is portable, yet easy to carry, so people can breathe fresh air without any complex setup.

I've used 3ds max for modeling, and keyshot for texturing and lighting, firstly I've started sketching different ideas, the aim was to keep it minimal yet functional, so the cylindrical shape helps the user to easily hold the air purifier with the perfect grip, and carry it easily.

I've learn't that good design is combination of functionality and aesthetics, which makes the user overall experience better, and the people whom i showcase the design, really appreciated the fact that as designer i took and initiative to not only solve problems limited to the web, but also real human problems that we face ourselves in our daily routine.

Vinayak Malkari

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