Aerial Views of Mar Del Plastico by Bernhard Lang

Mar Del Plástico is a greenhouse farming in Almeria which is being photographed in a bird’s eye view by Bernhard Lang, an aerial photographer. He loves to display the impact of the human beings on the environment. Read on and enjoy!

Aerial Photographs of the so called “mar del plástico” – greenhouse farming at the region of Almeria (Andalusia, Southern Spain). The patterns in the landscape are greenhouses and plastic foils used for cultivation of fruits and vegetables. It’s the biggest zone worldwide for cultivation underneath plastic foils (about 350 km²). Each year millions of tons of fruits and vegetables are exported. More than the half of the harvest goes to Germany and other western european countries.

– Bernhard Lang











About Bernhard Lang

Photographer Bernhard Lang specializes in Aerial Photography. 
Since 2010 he is working on his project Aerial Views, photographing numerous sceneries from above like coal mines, container harbors, beach resorts, soccer fields. 
For him, the aerial view shows the world out of a different, unusual perspective. 
He wants to display the impact of the human beings on the environment. He’s interested to find shapes which create nearly abstract patterns and structures, seen from above.
 His aerial views project received awards (ipa, ND, one eyeland) and was featured on numerous magazines, newspapers, creative blogs. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile, website or .